“Architect of the Month” – Enki Magazine











We are thrilled to share that we have been selected as Architect of the Month by Enki Magazine! If you haven’t heard of Enki before, they’re a wonderful magazine which showcases architecture and interiors with an emphasis on modern and sustainable design. The beautiful article showcases some of our recent projects as well as an insightful interview about our practice.

This gave us an opportunity to reflect on some past projects that we haven’t shared with you until this point. We have been working on three exciting projects that are in three different stages of development.

Oxford Farmhouse, a landscape driven design, is in the concept stage!

  • This large collection of grade 2 listed Cotswold’s farm buildings was once a large run country estate which looked like it had been honourably preserved, but it wore a mask.
  • Our vision was to create – Not recreate the original farm. To take the physical elements of the site, invest time and research alongside the very best Heritage expertise, to truly learn what was original.
  • This re-nourished the farmstead and its landscapes for a further 100 years. The uses may not be farming uses anymore but they are the most perfect opportunity that the site could have wished for. New modern day types of work and art and leisure will take place here for the days and years to comes.

Hill House, a beautiful one-off home, has been submitted for planning!

  • The dwelling is located within a rural setting; the materials seek to reference agricultural barns, often found within the countryside. The walls are clad in a black timber, to give the façade shadow and depth.
  • The built form creates a series of outdoor spaces that take advantage of the orientation of the site, shelter from the wind and capture long views out.
  • The building is arranged in a courtyard shape, to reduce the overall site footprint and break down the building massing.

Waterbank, five new build houses, has now begun on site!

  • The houses are designed to sit naturally in the landscape with green space drawn right up to the edges of the houses on all sides which soften the impact of the buildings, acting as a visual foreground for the houses.
  • The form of each building is strongly influenced by the surrounding tree canopies as the cranked plan has naturally created asymmetric roofs which sit well between the trees.
  • The houses have been detailed to celebrate the junctions between the materials at the human scale. Balconies, covered walkways and generous windows have all been designed to connect the homeowner with the beautiful landscaped setting of the site.

“A softness and feminity radiates confidently in their work, branded by an interplay of natural materials, textures and an intangible ability to elicit joy in those who are lucky enough to step inside.” – Enki Magazine

When asked what was next for the studio, we were reminded of the quote “The only constant in life is change” (Heraclitus). Our biggest goal is to continue remaining true to our ideals as we head through our next exciting period of growth.