This apartment scheme was designed by Annabelle & Co. to appear as a single large home. The site really suited apartments due to it’s slope, north facing rear elevation and position adjacent to Prestbury Golf Course, hence it’s name.  The proposal will be highly energy efficient incorporating high levels of insulation and modern technologies. The design has been integrated into the landscape and into the existing topography to appear as three storeys. Every effort has been made to submerge under-croft car parking and conceal surface parking to enhance the result.

For this project our design response was as follows;

  • Six 1500sqft apartments with external terraces & balconies or private gardens

The roof has been an important consideration where there is an opportunity to influence the form through a series of elements that break the eaves line, the overall mass and strong building lines. This has been achieved through assessing the building form as a whole, considering how the building turns corners and to not present the building as a singular block, but as a series of forms of considered scales. The proposal presents two contemporary projecting gables and retained their relationship of the existing gables where the left hand gable is more dominant in scale and mass than the right. The dormer window breaks the eaves line, it has fine dormer cheeks and has an overall elegance set within large areas of wall and stone roof. This detail has had a great influence on breaking up the strong building lines of the proposal with the same elegant frame that had been found during our analysis and has provided a strong relationship between the roof and the windows.
A combination of contemporary clipped eaves and a wide verge detail demonstrates refined and high quality architectural detailing. It allows the elevation to not be compromised by overhanging
eaves, but as a side profile it remains a strong feature that defines the edge of the building. The slipped building form and fenestration has been designed to give relief and depth to the elevations which has been tested and developed through the process of creating hand-made models. The relationship between the setting and the proposal is considered critical and this modelling has helped to test this, illustrating where design changes were required.

Long and short views are captured all around the site, however the sun-path has defined the locations of the internal spaces. The bedroom spaces are located on the rear and side elevations, allowing in the morning and evening sun. This has allowed the living accommodation and terraces to be located on the front, south-west elevation to provide an active frontage and to allow
the main spaces to have long views down the site and to gain afternoon and evening sun.