The site currently features a detached four bedroom property, which appears to have been built post-WWII. It will be replaced with a new high quality dwelling that is set further back into the plot. The plot is to widen to the south, which allows the proposed dwelling to take advantage of the new width and retain a soft landscaped boundary.

Key considerations throughout the design process have included; site context and orientation, a suitable form for the proposed dwelling, a high quality palette of materials and an appropriate scale of building, to ensure the building is similar in scale and height to the adjacent properties along Chelford Road.

The arrangement of the plan creates a private courtyard, which receives uninterrupted direct sunlight throughout the year. The two wings to the east and west provide kitchen/dining accommodation and home offices, which will also receive the greatest amount of morning and evening sun. At the rear of the proposed dwelling, there is a basement containing additional living accommodation and a games room with subterranean courtyards to allow light and connection to the rear garden.

The proposed materials include a soft palette of mottled buff brick, dark mortar, concrete and dark grey metal cladding which reflect a contemporary reinterpretation of the Great Warford vernacular. The rustic pale brick has texture and variation in colour so that it picks up the darker tones of the neighbouring brickwork whilst allowing the overall material palette to have more texture, giving the the ground floor a sense of permanence.