corner house

This exciting project in Wilmslow called for two high quality, semi-detached houses to replace the existing property.  The design will define this important corner site with a scheme of character and high quality architecture.

The scheme is a simple terraced brick form, which sits delicately on the junction of the two streets. Great care has been taken over the front elevation, aligning it with the neighbouring property to the immediate north. The building will be constructed using high quality brick which will match the paler tones in the elevation of the property opposite.

Design cues have been drawn from another property to the south of the site, the building with the most architectural quality in the immediate area. Particular references taken include the banding in line with window heads/sills, prominent central down-pipe and paler brick tones. Key considerations throughout the design process have included; site context and orientation, a suitable form for the proposed dwelling, a high quality palette of materials and an appropriate scale of building, to ensure the building is similar in scale and height to the adjacent properties.