oxfordshire farm

This large collection of listed Cotswold’s farm buildings was once a large family run country estate; an impressive home at the centre of a rural business premises, shaped by years by life, purposeful work and economics.

The Farm looked like it had been honourably preserved, but it wore a mask. Where was evidence of the passing of time since it’s creation and the all the changes to farming? How had it altered since it was created? The site had simply been moth-balled and sanitised, eliminating all soul, character and the effects of life and use. For example externally all plants, vegetables, shrubs and hedges had been removed leaving just grass in the blanks to hide the loss.

The Brief

Our vision was to create. Not recreate the original farm. To take the physical elements of the site as they were found, invest time and research alongside the very best Heritage expertise, to truly learn what was original. After which the new elements of the future uses were woven in, in the perfect place on the site, in the correct way, correct materials, approach etc.

This re-nourished this Grade 2 Listed farmstead and it’s landscapes for a further 100 years. It also provides our Clients with the exacting spaces they require. Their uses may not be farming uses but they are the most perfect opportunity that the site could have wished for. New modern day types of work and art and leisure will take place here for the days and years to come.