Didsbury _ 15 apts + 4 townhouses – approved!

The Limes is an exciting large development of apartments and townhouses which has just been granted planning permission in the heart of Didsbury Village.

Formerly a care home, The Limes is large derelict Victorian property which after 15 years of invasive alterations and extensions by the care user has now been left standing empty for over 5 years.

As the site is within St James Conservation Area, Didsbury it was potentially a difficult to site to redevelop. However  Property Alliance Group and ATA worked closely with Manchester City Council, Heritage advisors (Turley’s) and Highways consultants (How Planning) to create a scheme which The Didsbury Residents Association and neighbours of the site were happy to support.

The scheme will see the full renovation and restoration of the building’s attractive original features and will ensure the removal of unsympathetic extensions alteratitions and make all necessary repairs and upgrades. Timber windows, slate roofs and brick are all proposed with greater emphasis on landscaping and the standard of the setting including new railings to Wilmslow Road.

ATA attended several pre-application meetings with Manchester City Council, a public consultation (which you can read about here) and presented to Manchester Conservation Area and Historic Buildings Panel as part of the pre-application process.

We are all really delighted with the result.


growing team!

We have two fantastic additions to the team.

Karishma and Susie – our new graduates from Newcastle University and Liverpool University respectively – are 2 brilliant new members of staff.

Susie has joined the team working on a very large new site in Wilmslow whilst Karishma is competently assisting with site with the build of large property due for completion this Christmas!

We have really enjoying welcoming you.


wilmslow new home – approved

Planning approval has just been secured successfully within ten weeks.

Annabelle Tugby Architects was commissioned to create a new design for a site on Styal Road, Wilmslow following recent approval of a traditional design by another architectural practice.

The ATA proposal is a contemporary design with much greater efficiency of form (various small volumes were omitted to reduce costs such as dormers and single storey extensions) whilst internal layouts were re-worked to increase the flow and use of space – meaning less footprint was required. This saving allowed us to prioritise more energy on much enjoyed front elevational treatments which would increase the property’s final value.

Particular attention was paid to how the house will sit within its context, ensuring a good fit of design as you drive past once built. It is so key to relate to the materials on the street but also the forms, roof pitches, ridge heights, window design and intricate details of the lintels, rainwater products, porch and landscaping.  The new design therefore relates to the adjacent properties now through high quality design and individuality with character rather than pastiche, which will all be built from high quality materials to last.

The floor plans were re-worked to have greater storage and overall more practicality for a family. Orientation checks of the property resulted in the re-positioinng of windows and internal spaces to ensure the incoming sunlight was maximised year round in the  key spaces such as master suite, kitchen and early morning spaces like the breakfast table and the evening spots such as the formal living room and outdoor sitting spaces.


The white card model below is the application by the other designer whilst the coloured card models are the new ATA design which has successfully gained planning.


demolition is under way!

Meadow End, an exciting new project for Annabelle Tugby Architects, is on its way to transitioning into two contemporary new build family houses in Styal.

Preparation of the acre site has started with the removal of a longstanding derelict property that went to auction last year.

Timber framed construction is proposed, much like Terracotta House, which will speed up the build and create two highly engineered, enviornmentally efficient new homes in 2020.